Performance Management


Ideas and theories are nice on paper but too often can’t be executed in real situations.
With DeepTalent you’ll be able to setup a SMART goal or OKR (Objective Key Results) based system.

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OKR is the method that has helped Google grow from 50 people to 60,000.

  • complete alignment

    complete alignment

    Get complete alignment between organization, regional, department and individual goals and complete transparency.
  • visual progress

    visual progress

    You can visually see progress at any time and setup check-ins to push accountability.
  • cascading-based system

    cascading-based system

    We use a waterfall-based system that shows update progress upstream to your important organization objectives.

Performance Reviews

Talent Management Software
  • completely automateD

    completely automateD

    DeepTalent will completely automate your performance review cycle, allowing you to customize multiple review periods and different types of reviews.
  • Setup in minutes<

    Setup in minutes

    Choose from check-in, self/supervisor or 360 feedback. You'll be up and running in minutes.
  • Setup in minutes<

    Anytime Feedback

    Let employees give and ask for feedback when it's most meaningful, in the moment. Create on-demand surveys with ad hoc groups.


Competency Appraisal System

Building a culture of appreciation has never been easier with the DeepTalent Anytime Recognition system.

  • over 50 fun awards

    over 50 fun awards

    All your employees will be able to give awards and publicly recognize achievements while choosing from over 50 fun awards.
  • SOARING engagement

    SOARING engagement

    Motivating and rewarding employees is key to driving high engagement, which results in increased revenue and decreased turnover.

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapper is a system built by cognitive scientists to identify innate skills such
as leadership, management, drive, empathy, strategic ability and work preferences.

Employee Success

Resumes only tell you about the skills and work history of a potential employee and performance reviews commonly miss identifying key personal traits.

  • achieve ​excellence

    achieve ​excellence

    You’ll get a complete understanding of all the strengths of each employee and get people moved into the correct role that will help them achieve ​excellence ​within your organization.


    You can also copy your unique link ​and ​share it with potential job applicants, getting a much more complete picture as to their true abilities.

More Features

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

The employee and supervisor can both sign the review digitally, creating a complete legal review.

Review Meeting Invites

Review Meeting Invites

Many companies like to have a sit-down and discuss their review. Supervisors can schedule a meeting when approving the review, with calendar invites sent out automatically.

Compensation Calculator

Compensation Calculator

Salary increases and bonuses can be automatically calculated based on performance.

Our weighted metrics allow you to award more to those who are truly contributing to the growth within your organization. Clear competency data is available to help defend against lawsuits.

Development Plans

Development Plans

Supervisors can help set employees on the right path to improvement by providing goals and areas for personal growth.

These goals are automatically brought back up during the next review to measure the employees' progress.

Talent Management Software

No PhD Required

We believe HR managers are already too busy as it is so DeepTalent was built to be really intuitive and simple to setup.

Performance Appraisal

Stunning On Every Device

Instantly transforms and adapts as a sleek, professional interface on every screen: mobile, tablet, or desktop.


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Talent Management Software
  • Employee Success

    Over an 11 year time frame, companies that had a performance management culture grew net income by 756%, versus a 1% growth over the same period for those who did not.

    Harvard Business School Study

  • Competency Appraisal System

    Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year.

    ​Workplace Research Foundation​

  • Performance Review Process

    Companies with engaged employees, outperform those without by 202%.

    ​Dale Carnegie​

  • Talent Management Software

    Highly engaged employees were 87% less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts.

    Driving performance and retention through employee engagement.
    Corporate Leadership Council.

  • Competency Management Software

    A study of 64 organizations revealed that organizations with highly engaged employees achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees lag behind on engagement.

    The Impact of Employee Engagement. Kenexa​

  • HR Software

    A study conducted across 39 organizations indicates that organizations with highly engaged employees achieve seven times greater 5-year total shareholder return (TSR) than organizations whose employees are less engaged.

    The Impact of Employee Engagement. Kenexa​

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