Setting Up 360 Feedback In DeepTalent

Peer feedback is one of the best ways to get a full overview of an employee’s interaction with and contribution to others. DeepTalent offers multiple options for automating the process of peer feedback.

Peer feedback with supervisor review

If you want the peer feedback to help inform the supervisor use this method. All you need to do is include a peer review in the same Set Review Periods box as your supervisor review. In many cases you can just select both peer and supervisor checkboxes since these reviews typically are similar.


DeepTalent will automatically solicit peer feedback for up to 14 days prior to the supervisor review. The peer groups are based on those in the same department. When the supervisor gets the review they will see the feedback by everyone else in the department.

You’ll also notice here that the peer feedback is provided anonymously, this is the default setting on DeepTalent but you can change that in your Advanced options. You can automatically calculate the rating based on this peer feedback by selecting this checkbox. This can serve as a guide as the supervisor conducts the final review.

Once the review is submitted the peer feedback can be provided to the employee as well. This option is off by default but you can change that here in Advanced.


If you want the peer review to determine the employee’s rating, you can run a peer direct review. All you need to do is run a peer survey on its own in a set review period box. Instead of providing it to the supervisor as “advisory” it will instead put together the reviews and comments, average the scores and make that the official review. This is subject to the same rules in advanced. It will provide the review to the employee in association with the rule “Email Employee on Completion of Final Review?”

If you want to decide exactly who will be in the employees peer group you can use Anytime Feedback’s On Demand Survey. Click on My Reviews, then On-Demand Survey.

If you type multiple names in the first box, for instance if you want John, Bill and Susie to do a 360 review of Robert – just type their names into the first box and Robert’s in the second. This will create an on-demand 360 review which uses the exact same rules as the 360 peer direct method. This method takes the scores and feedback of the peer group and combines them, registering it as a supervisor review and recording it in performance analytics. This review can also be subject to the advanced setting: “Turn Off Anonymous Feedback? (will make all reviewers feedback visible).” These reviews run right away though you can change the due dates in Scheduler.  With this method you can have decide who is reviewing whom, even if they are from different departments. 

One final note, if you’re using a review frequency  – DeepTalent will slightly randomize the due dates. This prevents getting a large number of peer feedback requests at once. The ability for employees to suggest who they want in their feedback group and for HR and Supervisors to decide is coming to DeepTalent in Spring 2018.