There is a lot of variation of turnover lengths between companies, industries and data sources. A 16 year old working in fast food is unlikely to have an average tenure more than a few months while someone in their 50s in a skilled field is likely to be well settled into […]


Employee retention is one of the key challenges facing businesses today with many more employees leaving their jobs voluntarily as opposed to being let go. Many of these are high-performers who will cost the company a great deal to replace in both tangible (job/search, training costs) and intangible costs (lost […]

Employee turnover has become a serious challenge for all businesses as a result it has received substantial attention of top management. Retaining employees in the same company turned out to be comparatively difficult. When an employee has made a final decision to leave the job, the opened vacancy might cost […]

Employee Might quit over salary SHRM

Nothing is worse than losing a valued employee due to unresolved work issues. In most cases this is due to workplace conflicts, lack of appreciation, compensation issues, or issues with a supervisor. Identifying these problems early on is key to retaining talent and allowing the organization to thrive. An employee […]

DeepTalent is a completely automated cloud-based performance management system that takes care of everything from self, peer, and supervisor reviews to collecting the data and providing it in a powerful analytics interface. Designed with input from hundreds of human resource managers, the platform promotes a culture of feedback that is […]

HR Managers

Human Resource Management involves the management of a company’s employees, or human capital, in an effort to meet business objectives. For this reason, the Human Resource (HR) department is one of the most critical sections of an organization. It works on dealing with all the points that come up in […]

Good To Great Book

We all know of the commitments of the Human Resources professionals in turning their companies into the best workplaces possible for their employees. To do that, they must be aware of things like the cultures of their company and creating a work environment that motivates and retains key talent. Below […]