Many companies focus on choosing the right candidate from among the stock they are able to attract but you can’t choose the best candidate if your pipeline didn’t already attract them. Though HR professionals are tasked with numerous tasks, recruitment is properly the single most important thing they do. After […]

Tech employees love to move around, as seen in our recent research that showed that the median tenure length of employees at titans of tech was 23 months. This mobility has much less to do with pay since all these companies pay well and more to do with opportunity and […]


It may seem a little bit ironic in a period of uncertain economic times that any company would be worried about retention. Conventional wisdom suggests that people will hang onto their jobs hoping for better times to come later. Nevertheless, retention is a serious concern and employers have to find […]


The Need   With a radical increase in business activity all around the world, the need for specialization has also dramatically increased. This means that individuals are now choosing ever more specific fields of the business to excel in, in order to increase their productivity and contribution to the specific departments. […]

Fun Workplace Birthday Celebration

Having happy employees isn’t just for those who want to feel they are doing the right thing – there is a strong business case for focusing on the individual needs of employees and keeping them motivated. Happy employees are more productive, more creative and are more likely to be better […]