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Environment is everything in setting the tone and culture for a company and many of tech’s biggest companies have gone to great lengths to build spaces that people would want to spend most of their time in. This includes open areas, avant garde design, sometimes busy with color, other times minimalist. Most feature open work spaces and in the case of Apple’s new campus, lots of curved glass. Here’s a look at some of the offices you might get working for these tech titans.

Amazon’s offices have not typically risen to the level of modern decor or viewscape that many of their tech competitors have but that is expected to change with the completion of the Amazon Biodome office. This new complex is currently under construction but part of their new campus has been completed and employees have been transitioning there. This new campus consists of three towers, a large meeting center and the biodome, a city of employees that will be a total of 4 million square feet.

Amazon Offices
NBBJ Rendering

Facebook has a Disneyland inspired campus with a Main Street and offices that have a young vibe. It’s currently being expanded with a housing complex so you never really have to go home and why would you want to? Facebook offers tons of restaurants with free food and entertainment. Their workers report some of the lowest stress levels in the tech industry.

Facebook Campus

Facebook is growing so quickly they needed somewhere to put all those new employees so they just completed a 430,000 sq ft complex with a nine acre garden on the roof.


Google is known for having a varied, spacious and creative office work environment. Their offices in New York and Tel Aviv have taken this to a whole new level.

Itay Sikolski / Camenzind Evolution
Google New York

In his final years Steve Jobs oversaw the planning for a new campus for Apple which has been under construction since 2014 and is expected to open in 2017. This spaceship inspired campus will certainly be one of the most amazing office buildings ever created and a lasting legacy to Jobs. At a cost of over 5 billion dollars, it will have 2.8 million square feet on a 176 acre site. There will be 13,000 people in the building, with move-in slated for early next year. To simply walk around the spaceship is more than a mile and there is around 4 miles of glass being used.


Which companies do you think have the best office environments?

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