Introducing Org Charts From DeepTalent


If your company has more than 50 employees chance are there are few people who can visualize the entire organizational structure. Quite a few companies nowadays even have dual reporting relationships which makes it even harder to correctly map how the company is organized. We’re happy to let you know that DeepTalent now offers full automatic org charting capabilities.

Org Chart 2


This chart is automatically updated and can be downloaded by hitting the export button. Zoom in and out exploring your structure. You can click on the employees’ image or “View Details” to bring up their page. Departments are color coordinated and connected. Under certain circumstances it will duplicate individuals to maintain the proper structure and to keep the diagram from becoming too fragmented. Every company has a different structure and you’ll want to find the right view for the structure you have. We offer Vertical, Horizontal and Matrix.

Org Chart

If you have a complicated group structure you’ll need to find the layout that best represents your organization. Org charts are only visible to administrators but an option later on to make them visible to supervisors may be provided on request.