The Ultimate List of HR Recruitment Tools

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Many companies focus on choosing the right candidate from among the stock they are able to attract but you can’t choose the best candidate if your pipeline didn’t already attract them. Though HR professionals are tasked with numerous tasks, recruitment is properly the single most important thing they do. After all, the success of the company is determined on the quality of the talent within it. In this article we’re going to look at the top platforms for posting your job as well as recruitment services, employee referral and other methods to make sure you get the best and the brightest candidates for your interview process.


Employee Recruitment

In pure size and traffic Indeed is larger than all the other names combined. It allows free posting of jobs as well as a PPC model that typically results in a 2-3X increase in the number of clicks. Indeed is time based, so you’ll want to make sure to keep your listings fresh, even if it means pausing an old listing and reposting it. You can ask qualifying questions, schedule interviews and organize your candidates all in one dashboard. Our experience has seen even a free ad get 20 leads and a paid getting twice to three times that amount. You can browse thousands of resumes, including hundreds of new resumes at anytime.




Linkedin has nearly 500 million users and is one of the most popular websites in the world. Most of those users make up the world of professionals: executive, sales, developers, marketing, advertising, engineers – all find having a profile a necessity. Linkedin works similar to Indeed but has no free option, you pay for the number of clicks – usually getting about one applicant for every $20-$40 spent. Linkedin is a particularly good place to look for talent that isn’t looking for you, connecting with those highly qualified candidates in your area who work for other firms and letting them know that if they move on you might be interested. Let’s face it, most good candidates are already working for a company and being well taken care of, those that do leave a company are off the job market in a flash. You’ll have an advantage by connecting with them early so when they start thinking of leaving they go straight to you. Linkedin also has plans that allow you to more easily find candidates, with an automatic pipeline fed to you and the ability to send messages without being connected. These plans range from $100 a month to $825.



While nowhere near the size of Indeed, Monster does have a pretty large audience. They charge $399 for each post or you can get bulk discounts. This does make Monster the most expensive single site job posting service.



Craigslist is also a popular option for job postings. While people use it for many other things it gets a combined total of over 12 million visits per month, mostly in the United States. Job posting costs vary by city from free to $75. Craigslist job ads while much cheaper due tend to suffer from one fallback, depending on the type of work you’re looking for you may be subjected to the many bots from firms located overseas who want to sell you their services.


They focus on hourly workers and allow a job posting at $89 month (note auto renewal). Like Indeed and Linkedin they make it really easy for a job applicant who has an account and resume on file to apply via 1-click app. They claim over 70,000,000 users, though their site traffic is significantly less than bigger players and have less mobile downloads of the app.



ZipRecruiter is an aggregate service that combines its own popular website and app with a hundred other job posting sites. Places like Facebook, and Glassdoor are included with a 3 job applicant plan starting at $249 a month and they do offer a free trial now. You can search their huge resume library of millions and take advantage of plenty of tools to help the interview process, even build custom forms and responses. Because Ziprecruiter posts on many of the most popular sites it’s a good one stop recruitment platform for those who can spend at least $249 a month. To Post on Linkedin or Monster requires an additional fee and ZipRecruiter no longer partners with Indeed. Here’s a full list of sites you can automatically post to.




Traditionally known as a work review site Glassdoor has expanded to becoming a fairly popular job posting site. The site traffic is immense with nearly 50 million people a month visiting the site. They also claim 70% of this traffic comes from the job search page which if true would make its potential audience bigger than Monster and SimplyHired combined. Prices start at $99 per job and can be particularly effective if your company already has a positive rating on Glassdoor.

Your Website


A commonly overlooked place to post your jobs is on your own website. You can link to a current job posting or use a tool like SurveyGizmo to build your own database of job applicants. The people who apply on your webpage are likely to be fans of your product and know your customer, so they can make particularly good candidates.

Social Media


These are your fans, they know your product and they are your market. Some of them may just have the qualifications you are looking for, so feel free to promote your careers page and new openings on your social channels. Fans rarely mind being notified of work opportunities, in most cases it makes them feel more apart of the company since they at least have the opportunity.

Recruitment Service


There are many services out there that in return for either a fixed fee or a commission on first years salary will help you find a good candidate. These services are especially useful for sales or c-suite executives, as these firms can draw on people who are currently employed but open to new opportunities. This highly-skilled labor force tends to be unemployed for very short periods of time if at all so these services can be valuable by networking with employed professionals and proven leaders.



While forums have declined from their heyday of the last decade there still remains tens of thousands spread out on the internet covering every single interest group. For instance if you’re recruiting for the airline industry there are over a dozen forums dedicated to pilots. It costs nothing to participate on these forums but make sure to closely pay attention to the rules as they are unique to each and you don’t want to come off as spamming.

Employee Referral

Employee Referrals

Some of the best candidates are those who are known quantities from those who you already employ. In fact the official DeepTalent HR survey found that employee referrals make up the most successful recruitment tool. With employee referrals as the most effective in finding qualified candidates it’s recommended to offer some sort of incentive program to encourage your entire team to help feed the pipeline of brilliant talent.



  • There are more recruitment services coming up every single day and it’s rarely effective to concentrate on one single recruitment tool but rather a combination of those that are most effective for you and your budget. Which job recruitment avenues have you found most effective?