DeepTalent Version 4 Update

Talent Management

Creating the best talent management system requires us to constantly listen to feedback and stay in touch with the latest research. DeepTalent is in a constant process of evolution, adding new major features every single month as well as dozens of other improvements. Here’s some that were released this month:

1) We’ve given you a whole new review period system. You’ll now be able to create an unlimited number of different types of reviews going out at unique frequencies. For instance, you can create a yearly compensation survey, a 6 month peer survey and a monthly self-only check-in survey by using a unique box. You can also run one-off surveys to better gauge employee happiness or areas for improvement.



2) SMART goals can now be assigned on a per survey basis. Previously these were only assignable when filling out a supervisor review, but now you can assign these goals for an entire survey. This also means you can assign per department since each survey allows you to define which department will receive it.


3) We heard you all loud and clear – more employee analytics. We’ve created a new employee page for you that you can access by typing their name in the search bar. This gives you access to download an archived PDF of all their reviews. It also gives you a visual radar chart display of their current competency scores.

If SMART goals are active, it will display current updates on their progress in the bottom right corner.

Finally, we will automatically compare them to everyone else in your organization to find where they are strongest and weakest compared to everyone else.

Our last major feature is automatic scheduling of meetings. I know that some of you prefer to do a face-to-face. On completion of the supervisor review it will now ask if you’d like to schedule a meeting, and if you do so, it will take care of sending out the calendar invites to the supervisor and the employee.

We’ve also made a number of other enhancements such as automatic draft saving, automatically emailing employees the completed PDF and user experience improvements.

At DeepTalent it’s our passion to give you the strongest performance system while keeping it extremely simple for both you and your users.  We’re committed to continue to innovate and to be responsive to your individual needs. Expect more upgrades in late March!