DeepTalent Training: Review Types & Getting Setup

DeepTalent is capable of doing just about anything you can imagine, in this article we will explain all the different types of reviews and how to get them setup. A note on Set Review Periods, this is where you schedule all your reviews. Each review period box is unique but within that box we consider it the same review cycle. So you could put a separate supervisor review in there and a separate self-review and we will link them together. Any survey that is not assigned to a group, is considered default and is used for every one. If you then add another survey that is assigned to a group, we will use that one instead for that group.

Self-Review: A self-review is a survey that only the employee takes. It can be combined with a supervisor review in the same review or you can add others assigned to a group in the same review period box if you want certain departments to have unique self-reviews.  By default the self-reviews get 14 days to complete, if combined with a supervisor survey they run first and then the supervisor survey runs second with access to the employees’ self-review.

Self-Review Goal Check-in: Every self-review in DeepTalent will give users the opportunity to update their goals, so if you wanted to run a simple monthly goal check-in, all you’d need to do is run a blank self-review on a monthly review period. This would provide the employees a quick reminder to update their goals every month.

Company Survey: If you add questions to a self-review and run it alone in a review period box, it will act as a company survey. Unlike a traditional review where the self scores are not saved into the system but instead given to the supervisor, this data is saved and is available from your analytics menu. This can be used for all sorts of surveys but it’s most popular for things like job satisfaction surveys.  To learn more, please read this article.

360/Peer Feedback (traditional): If you want to run a 360 feedback process for an employee, you can check the peer review option in your survey. For instance if you have a survey that has both peer and supervisor checked, it will do the peer first (14 day period) and then deliver to the supervisor. All employees will be asked to review all other employees within their department. By setting which department the survey is for you can narrow it down by group. Now the supervisor has access to the peer feedback when completing the supervisor review:

In your Advanced menu, you have a couple options relating to peer feedback. You can decide if you want the peer feedback to be sent to the employee when the supervisor completes their review

Supervisor: Anytime you have a supervisor survey running, it will allow those people who lead the department to evaluate their employees. If there was a self-review also in the box, it will provide them with that self-review, if there was a peer review, it will provide them also with the 360 feedback. A supervisor has 7 days to complete their review.

Peer feedback

Once they have completed they have the option to schedule a meeting with the employee and digital sign, this will then email the employee the final completed review. The supervisors score is used in performance analytics. You can also run a supervisor survey alone in a review period box if you want to skip a self or peer review.

If you use the same review for self and supervisor, you can combine them into one eliminating the need to tab over. This option is called “Show Employee Comments Directly on Supervisor Review” and is ON by default. 

Employees Review Supervisor: Would you like your employees to get the opportunity to rate their managers? All you need to do is create a survey with this type selected and put it in a review period box alone. This uses a 14 day cycle. It gathers all the employees’ ratings of their manager. It will then send the peer feedback to the manager’s supervisor, assuming they have one in DeepTalent. If you don’t want to provide the feedback and ratings directly to the manager, turn this setting to OFF: “Email Manager when employees have reviewed them?

Employee reviews supervisor is at present always anonymous. This is to allow the subordinates to feel comfortable to speak and rate freely so you can get a true picture of the managers performance.

Anytime Feedback

You can also create on-demand surveys through Anytime Feedback that give you more flexibility and control and are in the moment. For instance say you have ten employees, all from different departments and they’ve been working together on a client project, you can easily create an instant review with this feature. Here are your options with On-Demand Survey:


If you want one person to review one or more people, simply type their name in the first box (I Want), then type the name(s) of the people you want review by that person. They do not have to be in the same group, they don’t have to even be a supervisor within DeepTalent, On-Demand survey allows instant ad-hoc groups. Make sure to select either a review with the supervisor option selected,  or one with a supervisor and self (in which case it will send the self-review first and then after 14 days send the supervisor review). The person you select to do the reviewing does not get further supervisor privileges, like the ability to see any performance analytics data or archived reviews. These on-demand surveys start the next day and scores are counted in performance analytics.

You can also run a 360/Peer (Direct) review. If you type multiple names in the first box, for instance if you want John, Bill and Susie to do a 360 review of Robert – just type their names into the first box and Robert’s in the second. This will create an on-demand 360 review which uses the exact same rules as the 360 peer direct method. This is another great way to create a feedback loop for ad-hoc projects. You can also think of this as a kind of group supervisor review, where multiple people get a say in the final rating.