DeepTalent Introduces Manager Reviews

The purpose of a manager is to set expectations, motivate and provide support so employees can accomplish the important work of a company. Even so many managers instead rated based on how their supervisors see their performance without the important metrics of how the employees feel equipped and supported. A manager who does not care about their employees or is not setting clear expectations may not be identified if their direct reports don’t have the opportunity to speak up. In fact, Gallup has found that 82% of the time companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent to be a manager. Multiple studies show that having good managers and leadership is what sets apart highly successful companies from those that fail. And multiple surveys have shown that one of the top reasons for losing top talent is having a bad manager. This is why DeepTalent has released a new review type┬ácalled Employees Review Supervisor.

When creating a review just select this review type and schedule it. The review will go to the employees who have 14 days to complete. It will then combine all their ratings and comments into a single PDF and send that to the upper manager. You have two separate options available in advanced, you can provide it to the manager as well (this is on by default) and you can decide if the employee comments are anonymous (they are anonymous by default).


DeepTalent comes with a default manager review that is just a handful of straightforward questions. The average manager review takes only 2 minutes. Rather than rating on a traditional competency, we are asking those questions that have been proven in research to have a high correlation with a high-performing team: higher profit per employee, reduced turnover, greater satisfaction.

You can compare managers or see how scores change over time.

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