DeepTalent Goal System

Goal-System-SoftwareMore and more companies lately have been taking advantage of a goal based performance system. While competencies paint a helpful picture as to perceptions and how an employee interacts and carries themselves, a goal based culture relies on measurable metrics that drive towards what matters most: action.

The DeepTalent goal system is based on the method made popular by Intel and even more so by Google which was utilized early on to grow from 30 to 60,000 employees. This system is called Objective Key Result. The OKR method first defines the overall objective and then sets a number of measurable key results. The goal system has a diagram that allows you to see movement visually through shading as the total progress goes up. In this waterfall method you will be able to see how downstream progress is affecting success towards the department and company objectives.

Objective Key Results
Each employee can update their goals during every review, or they can login at anytime and update their progress. Since DeepTalent allows you to set any number of reviews, you can setup goal check-in reviews that will make sure that employees update their goals on a regular basis. They can add more goals either from the bottom of their survey or by visiting the ‘Goals’ menu at any time. It’s recommended that generally no more than 5 key results should be used.

To get started with your goal system visit ‘Goals’ and add at least one high level company objective. The system will automatically add every department underneath that objective. As an administrator you have access to add or assign a goal for the company, for any department or for an individual. A supervisor has the ability to set their objectives for individuals who they lead and for the department itself.

Here’s an example of how an Objective Key Result alignment could be created.

Company Objective: Increase Q3 Profit 5%

Sales Department Objective: Increase Sales 3%
Key Result #1: Hire new sales agent by 1/11/18
Key Result #2: Increase response time by 25%

Sales Department Objective: Decrease Customer Churn 2%
Key Result #1: Create log system by 5/7/18
Key Result #2: Complete customer research survey by 3/6/18
Key Result 3: Implement NPS by 1/5/18

Goal-System-SMARTMarketing Objective: Increase conversion rate by 5%
Key Result #1: Decrease bounce by 7%
Key Result #2: Increase social traffic by 25%
Key Result #3: Complete A/B testing by 7/1/18

These department goals are perfectly aligned with the company objective, defining the tasks and setting MEASURABLE results towards accomplishing them. The supervisors of these departments and the employees themselves will be required to choose a goal alignment that connects with a company objective. For instance, if you were the social media manager for the marketing department, you would choose the Increase Q3 Profit By 5% > Increase Conversion rate by 5% alignment option. Your goal may look like this:

Jack Wilson Objective: Complete A/B Testing
Alignment: Increase Q3 Profit By 5% > Increase Conversion rate by 5%
Key Result #1: Increase engagements by 50%
Key Result #2: Increase link posts by 35%
Key Result #3: Traffic increase by 25%

How high should I set the goal?
Goals are best when they are attainable so as not to be discouraging. At the same time, goals should be a stretch and anyone consistently reaching 100% is not challenging themselves. We recommend that an average completion score of 70% indicates an employee that is putting in a strong amount of effort with a good stretch.

An OKR system can be used to manage projects across the entire organization from construction, website rebuilds and expansions. One of the best parts of this is the complete transparency, everyone can see what everyone else is working on and how they are interrelated. The DeepTalent goal system allows each key result to be defined as either a percentage, a monetary figure (Dollars, Euros or British Pounds) or date based. The end result of implementing a goal based system is a culture driven by outcomes, it’s generally considered more motivating and drives real accountablility for results. The DeepTalent Goals System is available to all clients at no extra charge.

Here’s some further reading on Objective Key Result Best Practices.