DeepTalent Announces BambooHR Integration


BambooHR is one of the world’s most popular HRIS systems making it easy to track time, attendance and training.  Like DeepTalent BambooHR is well loved for not requiring a PhD to use but rather being designed intuitively with a fun interface. Many DeepTalent customers have asked about an integration between DeepTalent’s employee performance system and the capabilities of BambooHR. We’re excited today to let you know that you’ll now be able to easily integrate your account with just a couple clicks. Once integrated your employee data, departments and reporting supervisors will be automatically synced with DeepTalent. If an employee leaves, is moved to a department or has any information updated this will automatically be reflected in DeepTalent within 24 hours.

To integrate your BambooHR account, click on Advanced and then Integration.


Type in the unique name of your BambooHR system and click save. You will then be asked to provide a key. Simply click this link to login and get your key.



Login to your BambooHR account and then you copy your key. If you don’t already have an API key, just click +Add a New Key. You can then click “Show”to see your key and copy and paste that into DeepTalent.


Once you’ve copied your key into DeepTalent, just click save and then Import Employees. The connection has been made and will automatically import all your employee information as well as create a daily update.

Combining DeepTalent and BambooHR will give you the ability to truly drive employee performance. The DeepTalent integration will add an extremely powerful and easy to use performance system covering 360 reviews, goal check-ins, employee satisfaction surveys and manager reviews. You’ll have access to the same method of goal system used by Google and Intel. An awards system will help you build a culture of appreciation by allowing all employees to give awards to others to encourage positive and productive behavior. You’ll have access to Talent Mapper, a scientifically developed system for identifying the strengths of your employees and job candidates.