Creating A Company Survey

Human Resources

DeepTalent allows you to schedule an unlimited number of surveys at different intervals. These can be traditional self/supervisor reviews, peer feedback cycles, supervisor only reviews or just self-reviews. You might decide you want to run a more general survey asking employees about their happiness, the work environment and the effectiveness of various programs. These general company surveys can also be automated through DeepTalent, allowing you to track positive and negative trends and know where you stand.

If you want to run a survey to track metrics that doesn’t involve a supervisor reviewing an employee, simply place a standalone self-review in a new review period box.

Normally a self-review would not produce any analytics data since it exists to inform a supervisor who makes the final determination. However, by running it alone in the box the system will automatically take that data and plot it in your analytics under the competency drop-down.

As your employees complete the review you’ll get data for each competency you create and they are completely separate from those used on supervisor reviews. This data will not affect their regular performance analytics scores. You can schedule a regular survey measuring things like job satisfaction and see all positive and negative trends here. DeepTalent now offers a default Job Satisfaction survey you can have your employees take, you may edit this survey as much as you’d like. You may also schedule standalone self-reviews (company surveys) uniquely for individual departments. The method shown will work so long as you do not add anything but self-reviews in the review period box.