Collective University: Corporate Learning Platform

Human Resources

CourseBuilderDeepTalent is pleased to announce the launch of Collective University, a complete corporate university platform.  Collective University is a cloud-based platform that organizations can use to create their own online university. Unlike traditional learning management systems that are based on simple module-based courses, Collective University tracks all learning, both online and offline, in the form of internal training, conferences, articles, and more traditional online classes. Users can build their own curriculum with a drag-and-drop course builder. Each University comes complete with its own built-in social network to share new courses, acknowledge achievements and communicate with employees in real-time.

Like a real university, Collective University uses a credit-based system and allows companies to create special degrees and certifications made up of multiple courses. These can include sales strategy, marketing tools, safety courses, and managerial development. Many employees have a specialized skill or know a tool that others don’t. Collective University allows anyone to become a teacher and share their knowledge within the organization. 

Collective Innovation CEO Scott Olson writes, “We’ve found that the old model of education is no longer applicable. People are now learning the skills they need in a more real-time fashion via reading articles, watching videos, and using search engines. That’s why we built in a way to get credit for all activities, not just those that take place in the platform. We also are concerned that things move so fast with new research, strategies, and tools that it’s hard to stay up-to-date. To keep companies current, we automatically deliver these articles to employees, and give them credit for reading them.”

Employee Development

Collective University was developed by Collective Innovation, creators of IdeaLab, an idea management system, and DeepTalent,  an employee engagement system. DeepTalent and Collective University are expected to undergo integration in Summer of 2017 to cover all basis of employee performance & development. Collective Innovation is based in Oregon and serves the mission to help companies create a sustainable competitive advantage through internal innovation.
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