BambooHR is one of the world’s most popular HRIS systems making it easy to track time, attendance and training.¬† Like DeepTalent BambooHR is well loved for not requiring a PhD to use but rather being designed intuitively with a fun interface. Many DeepTalent customers have asked about an integration between […]


The purpose of a manager is to set expectations, motivate and provide support so employees can accomplish the important work of a company. Even so many managers instead rated based on how their supervisors see their performance without the important metrics of how the employees feel equipped and supported. A […]


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) protects American workers. It mandates that certain safety precautions will be present in the workplace, and management must guarantee that safe work conditions and procedures have a place on the work floor. OSHA can be a slight headache for some companies, but the law […]

Employee development has come a long way in the last¬†century, starting with the realization that greater worker satisfaction results in higher productivity. Performance reviews have become standard at most companies and serve as a helpful way to rate the value of an employee and track their contribution. But because most […]

We wanted to share this fantastic infographic we came along that details the history of the performance review. It does a good job outlining the various types from the traditional performance reviews, Management By Objectives and then social goals and recognition. There has been plenty of research to demonstrate the […]

Perfomance Management

Measuring the performance of an employee has evolved over the years. What was once a simple checklist has now become a very sophisticated process. Productivity is a major concern in a highly competitive world marketplace, and work must produce good results. Performance appraisals should, therefore, be taken seriously and conducted […]


At DeepTalent we believe that the real unsung heroes of the workplace are the leaders of HR. After all, it’s they who provide and nurture the talent of the company. It’s they who work to keep people from leaving. With our new series Heroes of HR we will be showcasing […]

The traditional golden handcuffs meant to keep employees are compensation and benefits. The right mixture will retain an employee for extended periods of time. Benefits can be very attractive reasons to stay with the company, but the benefits of today are quite a bit different then those of yesterday. Management […]