Anytime Feedback

Employee development has come a long way in the last century, starting with the realization that greater worker satisfaction results in higher productivity. Performance reviews have become standard at most companies and serve as a helpful way to rate the value of an employee and track their contribution. But because most companies still conduct performance reviews annually or bi-annually, the feedback given is not very useful. As this study and article point out rating based reviews do have a usefulness but need to also be combined with real-time feedback throughout the course of the year. HR professionals also must be on the watch for a performance review structure that instead of motivating employees demotivates them by rating them on inherent weaknesses that don’t relate to their actual measurable performance. Feedback should be in the moment, personal and helpful to growth while annual and bi-annual reviews push accountability. DeepTalent’s AnyTime Feedback system allows all employees to give or receive feedback at the click of a button.

To give feedback, simply select the option and choose one or more names.


Your feedback will be immediately shared with the employee and available within their feedback tab. Feedback is personal and private and is not accessible by anyone else but those involved. You can also request feedback for anything you’d like; a project performance, meeting or design idea. Just choose Request Feedback, enter a list of those whose opinions you want, define your question(s) and hit Submit. They will receive a feedback request right away and have up to 7 days to complete it. Feedback to your question will show immediately in your feedback page. You’ll also receive an email once 7 days have passed or when all recipients have given feedback, whichever is sooner.



Administrators can also create on-demand surveys through Anytime Feedback that give you more flexibility and control. For instance say you have ten employees, all from different departments and they’ve been working together on a client project, you can easily create an instant review with this feature. Here are your options with On-Demand Survey:


If you want one person to review one or more people, simply type who is reviewing in the first box (I Want), then type the name(s) of the people you want review by that person (To review). They do not have to be in the same group, they don’t have to even be a supervisor within DeepTalent. On-Demand survey allows instant ad-hoc groups.

Make sure to select either a review with the supervisor option selected,  or one with a supervisor and self in which case it will send the self-review first and then after 14 days send the supervisor review. The person you select to do the reviewing does not get further supervisor privileges, like the ability to see any performance analytics data or archived reviews. These on-demand surveys start the next day and scores are counted in performance analytics.

You can also run a 360/Peer (Direct) review. If you type multiple names in the first box, for instance if you want John, Bill and Susie to do a 360 review of Robert – just type their names into the first box and Robert’s in the second. This will create an on-demand 360 review which uses the exact same rules as the 360 peer direct method. This method takes the scores and feedback of the peer group and combines them, registering it as a supervisor review and recording it in performance analytics. This review can also be subject to the advanced setting: “Turn Off Anonymous Feedback? (will make all reviewers feedback visible).” On-Demand Survey is another great way to create a feedback loop for ad-hoc projects.

With Anytime Feedback you’ll be able to build a more open culture with greater accountability and personal growth.