DeepTalent for Local Government is CivicHR®’s robust and flexible performance management module and goals solution. DeepTalent offers municipalities the flexibility to align performance evaluations more closely to their internal procedures and processes, which in turn, increases the tool’s adoption rate from within the municipality. Deep Talent allows local government users to:

  1. Take advantage of the next generation in talent management
  2. Seamlessly synchronize employee and performance data
  3. Quickly implement using HRIS integrations or employee import features

DeepTalent aims to help managers elevate the strengths of staff members that are under-utilized and help leaders cast the right people in the right roles to enable both personal and collective success.

Human resource industry research shows that what makes an outstanding employee is possessing the correct talents for a particular job, whether they be self-discipline, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, prudence, detail mindfulness, creativity, empathy, or passion. These attributes are innate behaviors that impact personalities. They drive how people think, communicate, and conduct every aspect of their job. DeepTalent provides the tools that managers need to put every employee’s best innate talents to use.

Understanding that local government human resource leaders are resource-and budget strapped, DeepTalent in an entirely automated system that requires virtually no human involvement after setup and gives you direct access to the data you need to make informed decisions.

DeepTalent is a core component of the CivicHR talent management system which integrates digital solutions to enable local governments to achieve talent management throughout the employment continuum, from recruitment to hiring, to onboarding to performance management and goal-setting.