More and more companies lately have been taking advantage of a goal based performance system. While competencies paint a helpful picture as to perceptions and how an employee interacts and carries themselves, a goal based culture relies on measurable metrics that drive towards what matters most: action. The DeepTalent goal […]

DeepTalent is pleased to announce the launch of Collective University, a complete corporate university platform. ¬†Collective University is a cloud-based platform that organizations can use to create their own online university. Unlike traditional learning management systems that are based on simple module-based courses, Collective University tracks all learning, both online […]

Resumes only tell you about the skills and work history of a potential employee and performance reviews commonly miss identifying key defining personal traits. Talent Mapper is a system built by DeepTalent with cognitive scientists to identify innate skills such as leadership, management, drive, empathy, strategic ability and work preferences. […]

Objective Key Results

We must give credit to Internet-based companies such as Google, Twitter, and Zynga for their contributions to management science. In efforts to maintain, and expand, market share these modern corporations have created measurements to help better define success in a highly competitive world. Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is one […]


An exit interview is the last goodbye. It is a meeting in which an exiting employee bids farewell to an organization for the next place of employment, a chance to go back to school, or perhaps start a new company. The best exit interviews are a little bittersweet, and the […]

Competency Chart

Creating the best talent management system requires us to constantly listen to feedback and stay in touch with the latest research. DeepTalent is in a constant process of evolution, adding new major features every single month as well as dozens of other improvements. Here’s some that were released this month: […]


Many companies focus on choosing the right candidate from among the stock they are able to attract but you can’t choose the best candidate if your pipeline didn’t already attract them. Though HR professionals are tasked with numerous tasks, recruitment is properly the single most important thing they do. After […]

Tech employees love to move around, as seen in our recent research that showed that the median tenure length of employees at titans of tech was 23 months. This mobility has much less to do with pay since all these companies pay well and more to do with opportunity and […]