About Us




DeepTalent is a member of Collective Innovation based in Beaverton, Oregon. Collective Innovation is dedicated to solving the challenges of the 21st century with a particular interest in machine learning, crowdsourcing, automation and education. The start of DeepTalent was inspired by the high number of people who are having their true strengths being under-utilized.  Worse yet we’ve seen so many people end up in the wrong role which not only negatively impacts the company but is extremely hard on the individual. It’s our core mission to recognize and properly map the innate talents of every individual so that a company can utilize them to excellence based on the needs of the position.

We start this process by recognizing that there are talents (behaviors), skills and knowledge. All HR research has shown that what makes an outstanding employee is possessing the correct talents for a particular job, whether it be self-disciplined, entrepreneurial, risk taking or safe, detail oriented or openly creative, empathetic or aggressive – all of these attributes are innate behaviors that drive the way people are: how they think, how they communicate, how they conduct every aspect of their job. Knowledge can be learned by all and skills can too if you have the right talents that allow you to excel at them. Talents (behaviors) on the other hand are deeply wired into people and part of what makes us unique. DeepTalent is committed to building the tools to help companies put all those talents to use.

When we started DeepTalent we first talked with and surveyed 200 Human Resources managers to better understand their challenges. We found many that felt the struggle with the demands of their time and the immense responsibility they face and rarely do they get the authority and financial resources that is necessary for such a huge task as recruitment, development, benefits and compliance. That’s why we decided to completely automate our system so that it requires virtually no human involvement after it’s setup. We believe in giving you directly the data you need to make informed decisions as well and have been developing a new predictive analytics platform, which means that rather than just give you access to a bunch of charts and scores, our machine learning algorithms will do the analysis for you and identify key opportunities.

We always welcome your feedback, you can share your ideas for DeepTalent here.